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Over 175 Years of Worship 


Stewart Memorial Church was founded by fugitive slaves and also free men and women in the early 1800s and throughout the generations has opened its doors to people who often faced adversity in the wider community. It has been a place of spiritual growth, community protest, a centre for solace, a light for leadership and a force for positive change in the community.

The historic significance of this 175th anniversary affirms the Black presence in Hamilton since the early 1800s and validates the historic and contemporary contributions of the black community to our national and local narrative.

The role of Stewart Memorial Church in the settlement and integration of the early refugees cannot be minimized.

And today the church remains an important institution in Hamilton’s Black Community.

Welcome to Stewart Memorial Church

pastor albertWelcome to Stewart Memorial Church. It is with a heart of gratitude that I welcome you to this - the official site. We intend to worship the Lord Jesus with all that is within us, thanking and praising Him for His marvellous blessings on our community over the past seventeen decades.

Our God founded this Church out of the struggles of his persecuted children as they fled into Canada, the proverbial Canaan land, where they found safety and solace, succour and salvation from their many adversaries. SMC became for them the rock in a weary land, a shelter in the times of storm, the cleft in the rock, the high tower, a beacon in the darkest night.

Many today continue to find here that same sweet fellowship, joy and peace of the early 1800’s; SMC is a place of spiritual growth, of Christian attitudes, of Biblical values and principles, and a centre of prayer and bible study.

Although it was forged from the embryo of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (St. Paul’s as it was then known), it matured through many physical challenges into the strongly independent Stewart Memorial Church, named after Rev. Claude A. Stewart.

I therefore warmly invite you to participate in our 2013 monthly celebrations where we would recapture the energy and vigour of our history and worship. Solid sermons of our pastoral past will be delivered, great gospel singing will take you back to the black spirituals, and tons of fellowship, fun and food will be for your delight in varied programs and packages.

This is the time to celebrate and make a joyful noise to the God of our salvation; to observe the sterling contributions of valiant stewards of yesteryear like Rev. Holland, Ray Lewis, the Hon. Lincoln Alexander, and over 40 pastors who held the SMC pulpit and hundreds of congregants who “entered His gates with thanksgiving” over all those many years (approx 26,000 Sundays).

Come now and join with us as we applaud the rich heritage of our fore-brethren; as we glorify the name of our awesome Jehovah God-our provider; as we commemorate this glorious spiritual victory; as we solemnise our rich legacy; as we anticipate the “new move of the Holy Spirit” in this blessed community.

I personally look forward to meeting you at one of our many events as we all congregate, even here, in love, faith and hope in the name of Jesus, our blessed Saviour and Lord.

Peace always,
Rev. Lionel Albert, M.ED